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  • VMAX 200


VMax run test days on runways, and regularly have cars hitting in excess of 200mph, in fact the current record is 240mph! To enable this event to operate safely we've devised industry standard protocols which have been rolled out globally on the other top speed events we now oversee.

All drivers would have to attend a morning safety brief, and also be briefed by our team on the procedures for bringing the event to a halt in the event of an incident. Driving at over 170mph more than the UK speed limit has its risks, but with our team working closely with the VMax crew has enabled a gold standard of safety to be rolled out during the days whilst also enabling those attending to have a great day, safely.

We now provide a Motorsport Safety Advisor to all events as well as a Paramedic and RTA Rescue trained Firefighter with one of our bespoke Safety Units. Although most time is spent chasing Rabbits off the runway, this efficiently created team are able to respond to an incident within seconds no matter how large and stabilise the scene. Over the years we have also worked alongside the VMax team overseeing the legal compliance and consulting on new and modern ways of running a Motorsport event to an extremely high standard of which we are very proud of.

With speed comes risk and for us safety is paramount. Quite simply we would never undertake any high speed activities on any event without the backup of the MSS team who have provided risk assessments, fire and safety cover at all our events for almost 15 years. MSS provide an unparalleled service with a professional team and constantly evolving state of the art equipment that gives us the backup we need to provide this exciting event in a safe and professional manner for the world's supercar elite.

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